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Frog Choir - Privacy Policy

Frog Choir Wines online shop may gather details from a customer when the customer is using the Frog Choir Online Shop to send an email or place a pre-order.

All details emailed to Frog Choir Wines is used to correspond to the customer after a query or a pre-order is placed from the online shop. Frog Choir Wines uses SSL encryption from its online shop and website and does not store this information on an online database.

Some online forms from Frog Choir Wines website may have the option to opt in to receive emails regarding, specials or newsletters that may be available. If opting into receive these emails the client or customer can also choose to opt out in the future.

Frog Choir Wines Online Shop has a pre-order feature which includes the customer or business details of the individual placing the online pre-order. This is emailed directly to Frog Choir Wines so a staff member can finalise and confirm the order. This information is not stored in an online database and is only emailed to Frog Choir Wines as well as the customer who has made the pre-order.

Frog Choir Wines website and online shop requires "Website Browser Cookies" enabled during the shopping process making it easier to place a pre-order and to navigate through the product range.

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